REVIEW: Salads Menu At Boulangerie Bon Matin

I’ve always had an interest in healthy eating, and getting fast, fresh and healthy food at a good price. In January this year I reviewed BBM as my local bakery. It boasted gorgeous home made pastries, rich hot chocolates and breads to die for. And although they provided an excellent lunch menu too, it was very carb heavy. Since the successful launch of their delicious smoothies, BBM has branched into providing healthy salads that give you more than a boring Pret box and much more choice.

Earlier this month I was invited in BBM to take a sneak peak at their new salads menu that they will be offering at lunch and dinner times for health orientated diners. This was such a fantastic opportunity for me to see the development of an establishment, and I did feel a sense of pride as my local bakery is flourishing into the perfect place for breakfast, lunch and daily needs throughout the day.

Opened in 2011, head chef Dahmane had a vision: to create the foods of his home and family life for the people of Finsbury Park. After working for his brother’s establishment Sable D’or in Crouch End and Muswell Hill, Dahmane wanted to venture out on his own, and took the brave steps to create the wonderful BBM. Inspired by French cafes, BBM offered breads and fresh pastries to take away and a small sit in café.

Now it is growing in popularity every day. I popped in for a visit on a busy Saturday morning and ventured to test out the new menu.

As you can see, the menu features a mix of roasted veggies, fresh salads, cheeses and bold flavours. You can select your ‘main’ course to come with a selection of salads to bulk the meal out and keep you full til dinner time. My absolute favourites were the beetroot with caramelised onions (so sweet, earthy and delicious), the roasted squash (with cumin seeds and wonderfully soft flesh), and the roasted potato and goats cheese (a heavenly blend of my top flavours). The range of salads available is so diverse that there is certainly something for everyone.

Now as you can also see the menu currently features a lot of nuts and nut oils. As a diner with a nut allergy this was a little disconcerting. On the day my salads were made without nuts, and this is something that BBM are hoping to look into and work upon.

Salads can be eaten in or taken away in attractive brown boxes; a simple yet effective idea. So pop in on your way home and grab tomorrow’s super healthy lunch. Be sure to wave hello to the extremely friendly staff, and take the opportunity to sit in the back on days when you have more time. BBM is perfect for a coffee with friends and has a really comfortable environment.

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Please note: I was kindly invited to review this new salads menu by Boulangerie Bon Matin. All views are my own.