The story of Boulangerie Bon Matin

The streets of Finsbury Park feel a little more continental with the scent of Bon Matin’s freshly baked bread and viennoiserie. The comely window display is a little Ottolenghi-esque and, inside, rows of good looking tarts, sandwiches, mini cheesecakes, and quiches provide further invitation.

As the name suggests, this cafe is more of a morning venue, but breakfast is a leisurely affair served until 4 pm, and for lunch there is a selection of colourful sandwiches (ciabatta, brioche or open) and a daily soup (a pleasingly light lentil and tomato one of the days) served with a basket of bread.

Bon Matin attracts a friendly bunch: couples leafing cafe Bon Soirthrough the free newspapers, small groups eating in the sky-lit extension at the back, young families on a weekend cake mission and meeting there with their families visiting from other parts of the UK or abroad.

Surrounded by changing art throughout the space each month or every six to eight weeks to make this atmosphere even more of an experience.

Salads available at Bon MatinAnd now newly established Bon Soir, in the late afternoon the presentation changes from baked goods to the salads of the day and chicken or fresh fish dishes to bring home or eat in Bon Soir. Perfect for the business man or woman on their way home from a day’s work, too tired to cook as they will have a delicious meal by stopping by at Boulangerie Bon Matin!

Babies and children are welcome: high chairs available as is takeaway service.