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We love going to this cafe, sometimes we sit in, sometimes we just take-away some desserts. Most of the time this place is packed, but the owner if he is around is really friendly and attentive. Even the staff are friendly and efficient. We love all their desserts and their coffee is good too. Suchismita Majumdar

Exceptional salads:
Exceptional quiche and salads, coffee to die for (well actually stay up all the following night for) and beautiful sweets. Really different healthy, but not worthy, boring salads, just well thought out ingredients and flavour combinations.
Declan C on TripAdviser

Great brunch place:
This is a favourite of ours… would highly recommend the eggs royale and the mini cheesecake is to die for!
Josh and Kate on TripAdviser

The best coffee place in London
friendly and welcoming staff, healthy and delicious salads, best orange cake in whole world! very beautiful window invites you to come in! best place to relax and chill. great jazz music too 🙂
Kasia Michno on Google Maps Business

I very much like this place. Very much indeed. Here are some of the reasons why:
– The best freshly squeezed apple and orange juice ever. Ever.
– A full veggie breakfast with awesome homemade bread AND homemade veggie sausages. They don’t even do a meaty one! Suck it carnivores.
– The whole place doubles as an art gallery with new artists displaying most months. Some of it’s even good.
– And others.
In addition the staff are ace, they now do a make your own salad lunch thing and the French toast is way good. Its kind of expensive but, you know, London.
…ohhh and get some pastries or cakes to go when you leave irrespective of how full you are. They’re too good to leave without one…or two.
Graham Banton on Zomato